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Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America



The Associations are Proud to Partner with Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America


As a Business Owner, There are Opportunities to Not Only Help Our Paralyzed Veterans, But Get Tax Breaks As Well!


The mission of the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA) is to enhance the lives of veterans with spinal cord injury or disease as well as all citizens with disabilities, by advocating for civil rights, assuring quality of care, supporting continued research and education, and encouraging independence and healthy living through various health, sports, and recreational programs.


Opportunities for You:
The Associations and MPVA ask for your involvement and support.


1.    Tax Breaks are available if you improve your facility for employees or customers with disabilities. This can also help you remain in compliance with the Americans Disability Act (ADA). The IRS provides two tax incentives:
  A tax credit for small businesses who remove access barriers from their facilities, provide accessible services, or take other steps to improve accessibility for customers with disabilities
  A tax deduction for businesses of all sizes that remove access barriers in their facilities or vehicles
  For a more detailed description of these tax breaks, go to


2.   Help Distribute Information to other business owners, staff and members of your community.
  The MPVA has a wealth of information on how people can assist our paralyzed veterans. If you would be willing to help distribute this information to others, please call 248-476-900 or e-mail or see their web site


Disabilities can be close to home:
Most Americans will be touched at some point in their lives by the affects of living with a disability. Because people are living longer, eventually you or someone you know will become disabled. It's important that we all understand why the ADA is essential in leveling the playing field for those who need it and not wait until we are personally or directly affected.