Legislative Influence

The MBPA has been a critical factor in legislation such as the repeal of the Michigan Business Tax and Item Pricing Law. Members assisted our lobbying team in ensuring our State Legislature was well educated on the impact of these issues in real terms. The MBPA has also been critical in both the federal and state activity related to national health care reform and ensuring this new law has the least negative impact on members. MBPA was a critical player in state work groups to advise the lawmakers on what role the Michigan health exchange should play. Our legislative priorities include the following: Michigan Taxes, Health Care, Green and Sustainability, Tort Reform and Estate Taxes. As a member it is your choice as to how involved you would like to be in political activity.

Michigan Focused Influence

The Association lobbying team is very focused on meeting with key decision makers in Lansing to ensure your needs are addressed. Survey data is shared with legislators, our membership discusses critical legislative items on our Legislative Task Force and we host key legislative receptions and events in Lansing. The MBPA legislative team serves on many coalitions, work groups and action committees to ensure we are meeting members’ needs. As a member you can be involved in these discussions, provide testimony in Lansing, as well as assist us in meeting with key decision makers and leaders.

Nationally Focused Influence

The MBPA is one of the leading state organizations in addressing lobbying influence at a federal level. In addition to our staff, we have alliances with other organizations as well as with the MBPA lobbying firm to ensure Washington gets critical feedback from small business. We are very aggressive in ensuring you, as our member, have a voice in our federal government.