The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law March 2010. The federal Statute aims to expand coverage, lower costs, and improve health care quality with implementation taking place over several years.

The Michigan Business & Professional Association (MBPA) recognizes the challenges you face running a successful small business, with one challenge being the cost of providing employee health insurance and navigating the Affordable Care Act. The MBPA is redoubling its efforts to ensure your understanding of the law. We also represent Michigan’s small business interests with our state policymakers, as they choose the best way to implement the ACA in Michigan.

Health Care Reform Connect™

Health Care Reform Connect™ is your resource for implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA). We’ve pulled together the latest information from experts to help keep you updated on the newest developments about Michigan’s implementation of Obamacare, along with online tools to aid you with decision making. Health Care Reform Connect will provide access to:

  • Small & Large Business Health Care Reform Guide which summarizes major ACA provisions, examines the impact on Michigan business, explains the Health Insurance Marketplace, offers suggestions about talking to employees and provides more information.
  • Health Care Tax Credit Estimator
  • MBPA Full-Time Employee Equivalent Calculator helps you determine whether you are a “large employer” under the Affordable Care Act based on FTEs.
  • Health Care Reform Business Checklist will inform you of ACA implications based on your business size.
  • Compliance Tools Section with an ACA timeline, COBRA information, updated Section 125 Plans and Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) and more.
  • Member Health Care HelpLine where you can submit your specific questions for a prompt reply from our in-house team.

Whatever your needs are throughout the Affordable Care Act implementation, the MBPA health care reform team is ready to help. We are also available to meet with your company/agency to discuss any other concerns you may have.

We look forward to Making Your Business Better with the knowledge and tangible solutions that will help you navigate not only health care reform implementation, but also other business challenges as we continue to positively influence approximately one out of every three businesses in the state of Michigan. We encourage you to explore our more than 30 educational workshops and 101 business programs that impact more than 150,000 businesses in our beloved state.

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