Business Knowledge

Michigan Business and Professional Association provide business knowledge to our members in critical ways to help our members stay competitive. Our members find value in knowing what other businesses in Michigan are doing and we provide that information through our annual survey data in five key areas. Michigan Business and Professional Association also provide exclusive advice from experts with white papers and statistics. The MBPA has over 30 workshops, digital webinars and events per year, plus more than 5 large statewide conference symposiums.


Annual Exclusive Survey Data

Can you put a price on the knowledge what other businesses are doing to address critical issues that impact their business? How valuable is data that influences legislative priorities?
MBPA members receive the findings and data from business surveys as part of their membership.

Summary Plan Descriptions

The Employer Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) makes it mandatory for all businesses with 2 or more employees to provide their employees with a Summary Plan Description (SPD). We continue to take a leading role in informing and helping our members meet their obligations under ERISA.

Business Knowledge Spotlight

As a benefit of being a MBPA member, you will receive a free subscription to MBPA Spotlight. The spotlight is an official publication of the Michigan Business and Professional Association.

Workshops and Symposiums

The MBPA has over 30 statewide workshops, digital webinars and events per year, plus more than 5 large statewide conference symposiums. Because the MBPA’s sole mission is to meet the needs of members, the educational resources and speakers at these programs are designed from your feedback and needs.

Legal and Tax Advice

The MBPA & MFBA recognize that members are not necessarily legal or tax experts, but have issues that could have legal implications. The Associations, in cooperation with a preeminent law firms provides free advices and discounted legal services to answer the needs of our members.

Business Startup Assistance

Need assistance with business plan development, financial/legal counseling, marketing assistance or with any other area of your business? Let us help you!

Green Business Initiatives

It's a lot easier than it used to be for businesses to be a little bit Greener - or a lot. MBPA shares some ideas collected from a variety of sources.


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White Papers, Advice and Statistics

The MBPA leverages its business community influence to provide members with data and knowledge that is helpful in the operations, marketing, finance and all aspects of making your business successful. As a member, your expertise can be shared with other members via e-mail, events and mailings.