Modernizing Michigan's Individual Healthcare Market

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Governor Snyder this week called for a fresh look at the state’s health insurance regulations as part of his special message on health and wellness issues. That’s welcome news for Michigan’s job providers.

As our members know too well, rising health care costs are hurting our state’s small businesses and creating a significant barrier to job creation. Average monthly premiums jumped 13.72 percent in 2010.

Modernizing Michigan’s burdensome and outdated regulatory system is an important way to rein in these cost increases. That’s why this issue is a top priority for the Michigan Business & Professional Association and the rest of the business community. Our lawmakers should address this problem quickly.

It’s time to encourage competition in the health insurance marketplace and provide relief to the job providers and individuals who face ever-increasing health insurance costs caused by outdated regulations.

Michigan’s antiquated health insurance regulatory system has failed. The current system relies too much on big government principles, discouraging competition and making it impossible for insurers to respond to the changing needs of job providers.

Our members know the power of the free-market to increase choice and hold down costs. It’s time to allow these principles to work for health insurance marketplace.

Health insurers should compete on a level playing field that allows them to offer the products and services small business owners and other job providers need to keep their employees healthy.

It’s time for Michigan to have a simple and fair system that lets the market work.


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