Government Relations

The Michigan Business and Professional Association represents members at the local, state, and federal levels of government on important issues that effect medium and small businesses in Michigan. We have our own lobbyists and have created a member-based Legislative Task Force to continuously review industry legislation and work towards small business reform legislation.


Michigan Government Directory

To assist members in voicing their opinions on legislative matters, we have created a Directory page in our Member Pavilion with links to government elected and appointed officials and agencies they might wish to contact, as well as a photo guide to Senate and House Representatives.

Legislative Task Force

A key opportunity for members to actively participate in legislative reform that can benefit their businesses is our Legislative Task Force. Spend some time with State officials, our board members and our lobbyists discussing critical issues and share what you would like to see here in Michigan.

Legislative Spotlight

Each quarter the Association publishes this publication which highlights controversial and hot topics in the Michigan Legislature that could positively or negatively impact smaller businesses.  It has guest writers that are elected or government officials.

Current Legislative Priorities

Every month the Michigan Business and Professional Association updates and provides in-depth information in our Member Pavilion on a wide variety of legislative issues like the Michigan Business Tax, Smoking Ban, Tort Reform, Penny Plan, Item Pricing Law, Estate Taxes, Minimum Wage Increase Updates and much more.